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Freddie Hubbard: Breaking Point (1964)

1964's Breaking Point is one of Freddie's best modal workouts, and "Far Away" is one of my favorite 10 minute workout's of Freddie's career.

The exotic Middle Eastern motif provides a modal workout vehicle for Hubbard and altoist James Spaulding, and they do not disappoint.

 Freddie sure does have a confident brash style, It would be hard to argue at this point that Freddie was the best trumpeter in jazz, even with Lee Morgan still in his prime at this point.

 James Spaulding is also an underrated player, and plays well in bop or free bop settings. Joe Chambers is also a drummer of note, who excels in an avant gard setting. He also is a composer of note, he composed half of Bobby Hutcherson's Components Blue Note album.

Side 1of Breaking Point has two 10 minute plus tracks, the title track as well as the mentioned middle eastern tinged "Far Away," the title track is sort of a sectioned avant-garde piece, they even throw in some Caribbean sounds…

George Russell: Electric Sonata for Souls Loved by Nature-1968 (1969)

If you are into free and avant gard jazz, and think George Russell is one the Masters of forward thinking jazz, congratulations, you and I may be the only 2 who do.

All joking aside, George Russell is one of the giants in the history of jazz that the passing listener surely has not heard of.

Russell(1923-2009) was an important figure in the development of modern jazz.

 His Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization became an important work in the development of modal jazz, which directly or indirectly influenced Miles Davis and his masterpiece Kind of Blue.

Electronic Sonata for Souls Loved By Nature is probably George's masterpiece of avant-garde music, and what I like is the plethora of European musicians who are cutting their teeth on the album, it really is a who's who. Guitarist Terje Rypdal, tenor saxophonist Jan Garbarek, and John Christenson on drums.

Russell throws in everything but the kitchen sink on the suite, jazz, classical, blues, and world musics, but the …