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Don Cherry Brown Rice: A World Fusion Masterpiece

Don Cherry made his bones with the pocket trumpet while in the quartets of Ornette Coleman in the 1960's.

Cherry also released 3 albums on Blue Note, Symphony for Improvisors, Complete Communion, and Where is Brooklyn.

 Those albums were very avant garde and full of free elements, Gato Barbieri and Pharoah Sanders appeared at one time or another on these mid 60's recordings.

Brown Rice on the other hand, doesn't remotely sound like these other albums, the style is an amalgam of jazz, r&b and world music. The music has an other worldly feel to it, I get this feeling I am listening to a music not yet classified. Brown Rice is indeed a fulfilling and engaging listen.

I believe people who enjoy some of Pat Metheny's work could get into this, yet serious post bop free jazz fans can too, it's both high brow and contemporary at the same time. Brown Rice does have an enigmatic quality throughout the music.

Don Cherry also adds some vocals on the album, I think they wor…