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John Coltrane: Live! at the Village Vanguard (1962)

One of the things that fascinate me the most when writing about modern jazz, is reexamining the music and comparing my initial reaction upon my own discovery of the music, with that of the critical and fan reaction at the time of its original release.

I remember it well, the first time I heard "Chasin' the Train" from Live! At the Village Van Guard: I was breathless, and I really didn't know what to make of it.

You have to understand, back in the late 90's  I was mainly into hard rock and heavy metal type music, I had no exposure to jazz before 1997 at all .

Ironically I considered "Chasin the Trane" to be free jazz back then, yeah, that's a riot now thinking back to that time period, I had not yet been exposed to Ascension, Coleman's Free Jazz, or even worse Peter Brotzmann's Machine Gunn!

The latter probably being the most brutal and wonderful assault to my ears of all time.

Not long after I heard the 15 minute "Chasin the Train"…