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Ornette Coleman Science Fiction: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Science Fiction is one of the first free jazz/avant garde albums that ever spoke to me.

It has everything, crazy-ass free funk sounds juxtaposed with free form rhythms. Ornette pounds away on alto and violin. Charlie

Haden's bass sound didn't hurt either. I always liked that bouncy bright sound of his.

Check out "Law Years", I mean who in the heck would ever have a drum & bass duet that early in a tune? 

Science Fiction released in 1972 is the quintessential bridge album if I ever heard one. It does indeed sound like The Shape of Jazz to Come meets Dancing in Your Head.  A perfect balance between the classic Coleman sound and the new funkier world music vibes to come by the middle of the 70's.

I mentioned "Law Years" earlier: I had forgotten this, but I first heard that track on the Ken Burns Jazz Compilation for Ornette, probably the best single disc compilation out there for Ornette to this day.

I was so blown away by the track I bought the Compl…

Norman Connors Love From The Sun: Buddah Records 1974

Norman Connors is best known out side of jazz for his R&B hit "You are my Starship" which went to #4 on the R&B chart in 1976.

Norman is also an exceptional drummer, and played with Sam Rivers on his albums Hues and Streams, as well as Pharoah Sanders' Village of the Pharaohs.

This album, Love From the Sunfrom 1974 features a pretty heavy duty jazz lineup.

 Herbie Hancock on electric piano, Eddie Henderson on trumpet, Carlos Garnett and Gary Bartz on saxophones, Buster Williams on bass, and Dee Dee Bridgewater on Vocals on a several tracks.

If you like the quiet storm style of funk that artist like Lonnie Liston Smith and Bennie Maupin laid to tape in the mid to late 70's you'll like Love from the Sun.

A perfect balance of modern jazz instrumental seriousness, and the more commercial element that jazz funk and rock brought to contemporary jazz. Certainly not an antiseptic sterile album by any means, think nice grooves and shifting rhythms.  Sometime they…

Return to Forever Romantic Warrior: Irresistible 70's Jazz Rock Fusion Vinyl

Romantic Warrior is the album I believe that turned many a progressive rock artist into jazz fusioners.

Of course I like the style and don't have a problem with that, but fans of prog groups like PFM and Iceberg probably would disagree with me.

Even  Phil Collins had a side project away from Genesis called Brand X that reminds one of this album in spots.

Chick Corea is quite simply one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time and he owns the genre of jazz fusion in the 70's in my opinion.

All due respect to Weather Report, but anything they did after Jaco Joined the band is too light weight for my tastes,  not that it is bad music or anything. I just happen to think RTF was the pinnacle of 70's fusion.

A few bands like Caldera went unsung that rivaled RTF, then RTF guitarist Al Di Meola produced his own classic albums, drummer Lenny White and bassist Stanley Clarke also added to the style with their own classics from the genre.

Romantic Warrior is the pinnacle of the gen…