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Wayne Shorter's Miles Davis Masterpiece Nefertiti

Nefertiti, recorded in June and July of 1967, and released in 1968 was the last all acoustic album Miles Davis would offer to the masses.

 It is startling listening toNefertiti, an album that is still very much rooted in hard bop, with the freer elements of the avant-garde stirred in.

To consider only 1 year later In a Silent Way, and 2 years later Bitches Brew was released, which both have  no discernible connection to bop other than possibly some phrasing during solos of the musicians.

I can certainly see how the neo-con jazz critic went berserk. Sometimes you get the feeling reading history, that the acoustic to electric change was more gradual than it really was.

Miles in the Sky was released, then Files De Kilimanjaro before In a Silent Way, but we are talking less than 2 years from the release of Nefertiti to Bitches Brew, and only 4 years until On The Corner.

I can understand why some people just couldn't get on board, at the time it must have been hard enough for the neo…

Impressions of New York: Rolf and Joachim Kuhn, Impulse Records 1967

The first thing I noticed about this album is the well done album cover, definitely makes you think some quality jazz might be hidden in those grooves.

The second thing I noticed was that Rolf Kuhn is a clarinetist, an instrument not widely used in modern jazz. Outside of Jimmy Hamilton, I can't think of too many times I have heard the instrument outside of a swing setting.

Impressions of New Yorkbeing a thrift store find, I didn't have much invested and honestly since I had only barely heard of these Kuhn brothers, I didn't have high expectations.

In fact I have a jazz funk album from Joachim that is  pretty good, but nothing like this album, this is serious modern jazz.

I have had this record for a few years now, and as an avant garde jazz aficionado, "believe it or not", I never put up for sale, the record has really grown to be one of my favorite free jazz/chamber jazz records I own.

Free jazz is such an acquired taste I know, if you like Ornette Coleman or Cec…