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Psychedelic Free Jazz: Pharoah Sanders' Karma

Pharoah Sanders was born on October 13, 1940 under the name Ferrell Sanders in Little Rock Arkansas.

 Karmais an album that found a big audience on college radio in the late 60's, with their willingness to play full length album tracks.

Miles Davis also benefited from this young open minded audience with his jazz rock masterpiece Bitches Brew.

Karma is one of my favorite all time jazz albums period, Vocalist Leon Thomas who is also an acquired taste with his nasally yodeling approach, is the perfect foil for Sanders fiery balls to the wall playing.

Karma  is basically one track, "The Creator has a Master Plan":  The track is a 32 minute opus with a smooth droning bass line and Thomas' friendly yodeling. When Sanders's upper register howls and grunts enter, they prove to be very startling, yet ultimately exhilarating.

 This is a powerful album with a hippie, almost psychedelic feel to it, yet it is a free jazz album. Creator is a long journey, offering mellow med…