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Chick Corea Complete Is Sessions on Vinyl: Is and Sundance on Solid State and Groove Merchant

Both of these albums from Chick Corea that comprise the Complete "Is" Sessionsare treated barely as an afterthought in the All Music Guide.

The review site does at least give favorable marks for the Blue Note compilation. Though, one wonders what happened between the original vinyl releases and the compiling of the 2002 reissue, why now do they like this?

I will tell you right now, both of these sessions from 1969 "Is" and Sundance are both absolute must haves if you are an avid post bop fan.

I marvel at the freshness of the 45 year old music, just 4 years after the second great quintet of Miles Davis presided over the Plugged Nickel, and only 4 years after the Coltrane quartet disbanded, this music was created. Again, 45 years old is this music!

Chick Corea brings together a very interesting melange of free jazz, modal jazz, and electronic jazz to the preceding, just a hint of jazz rock only.

I love Corea's use of Fender Rhodes electric piano on both albums, e…

Swingin' Latin Style With Stan Kenton's Orchestra

One of the Early complaints about Stan's first forays into Latin Music was it wasn't authentic enough.

Stan say in the Artistry in Rhythm DVD, something was always missing. Time signatures, or rhythm styles would be just enough of kilter to disappoint those who expected more.

Miles Davis once said: "You couldn't play black music if you weren't black." I suspect Latin music would be much the same. The authenticity is what you need, the deep down in the heart of it folk music, what drives and inspires you side of it.

For example I can only think of a few white blues guitarists that played like the great black players, Stevie Ray Vaughan is one, and another is Johnny Winter. I have grown to really dig Winter over the years, pretty authentic sounding blues guitar.

 I always thought the British guitarists were missing something on that side of it, great guitarists no doubt, but Vaughan and Winter were closer to the source I think, their vibrato and phrasing is m…