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Gary Burton's Duster May Be The First Jazz Rock Album: Is it Any Good?

Many believe Duster is the beginning of jazz rock, it certainly fuses rock and jazz styles, but I must confess, I was disappointed at first listen about 10 years ago.

 It doesn't sound all that groundbreaking to me, it actually sounds dated a bit to my ears, Just a quartet session with Burton on Vibes, Larry Coryell on Guitar, Roy Haynes on Drums, and Steve Swallow on Bass.

 Though an impeccably played chamber jazz of sorts, with Coryell playing in a rock style, but he sure isn't riffing it up like on many of his own early 70's albums; Barefoot Boy for instance. However the track included below "Ballet" has some tasty guitar from Coryell.

 Burton's Vibes are traditional and safe in the jazz zone, I don't feel much of a rock vibe here at all. I was expecting this otherworldly masterpiece of fusion, But in the end, it was just oh hum. I do find it hard not to like "General Mojo's Well Laid Plan" with a lilting lite rock fusion.

The ground br…