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Tenor Saxophonist Clifford Jordan's Glass Bead Games: A Desert Island Disc You Might have Missed

Have you ever had a record that you just plain wear out right from the first listen? I mean an album so good you just keep pushing replay on?

Oddly enough, the last time I had that happen was with the progressive grunge metal band Mastodon's The Hunter, before that I think Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy from 2008.

You don't choose which album captures your imagination, it is such an organic thing. I can only think of a few Jazz albums that have done what Glass Bead Games has done.

Perhaps Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and Oliver Nelson's Blues and the Abstract Truth come to mind.

A few fusion albums like Return to Forever's Return to the Seventh Galaxy and Mahavishnu Orchestra's The Inner Mounting Flame. For some reason those Bob James early CTI  albums drew me in with those funky mega-sampled beats. Glass Bad Games is the latest album to drive me to repeat listens.

Glass Bead Games, recorded in October of 1973 is a modern post bop jazz album from tenor saxophon…

The 2013 Mosaic Clifford Jordan Box Set Has a Fantastic Overlooked Album From Baritone Saxophonist Cecil Payne: ZODIAC

I have been absorbing modern jazz into my psyche for nearly 20 years. It always amazes me when I find something, or someone new to listen to.

 I Hadn't heard much from Clifford Jordan, other than his fine late 50's Blue Note Albums, Cliff Craft being his best of that lot.

Mosaic Records came out with a 6 CD Complete Clifford Jordan Strata East Sessions Box, I really wasn't all that interested in it.

Missing out on the box was a poor choice to say the least, I am immersed in it right now, giving the set its second run through. A wide range of styles, all very interesting. I had heard that the albumGlass Bead Games from Jordan was a really well done session that was frankly as smooth as silk. Immediately upon listening to Glass Bead Games I was struck at how well "smooth as silk" described the session.

 It's not smooth jazz, but it really is an easy listen, with a very good sound production. Sort of a direct descendent to Coltrane's early 60's Atlantic…