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Collecting the Toshiko Akiyoshi and Lew Tabackin Big Band

The Toshiko Akiyoshi Lew Tabackin Big Band was founded in 1973 in Los Angeles California.

Saxophonist Lew Tabackin and arranger/pianist Akiyoshi have also been married to each other since 1969.

Akiyoshi (1929-) was born in Chinese Manchuria to Japanese immigrants.

In January 1956 Toshiko came to study in Boston at the Berkley school of music. She composed and arranged nearly every album for the Akiyoshi Tabackin Big Band, while Lew served as the lead soloist for the group. They made some fantastic albums during the 70's and 80's

There are many jazz musicians and groups that deserve more credit for their contributions, but none more than this band, who's 1970's output is some of the best jazz music and orchestra music ever recorded.

Albums like Kogun, Road Time, March of the Tadpoles, Insights, European Memoirs, and Tales of the Courtesan should be in every jazz collection. The band's use of traditional jazz and Japanese folk elements are startling in their origina…