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Miles Davis Bitches Brew: Which Format Sounds Best?

Takes many listens for Bitches Brew to make sense

By 1970 Miles Davis was a house hold name, and had been such for more than 10 years, Davis had all ready changed jazz at least 4 times before, but nothing could prepare the jazz establishment for this.

A dark brooding double album of in your face "I don't care what you critics think" music. A brand of music that shook off the jazz tradition, grabbed what it needed from the rock, and the avant-garde, BUT could not be easily classified in ANY genre terms.

I remember the first time I heard Bitches Brew, I was completely in awe. I had only recently discovered modern jazz back in the mid-90's, bassist producer Bill Laswell came out with an electric period re-mix album of Davis jazz rock; I don't think even one Bitches Brew track shows up on there, But Panthalassa wet my appetite for more electric Miles.

 Bitches Brew though, was the point where any preconceived notions I had about Miles Davis being just a straight ahea…